Our Club


From 1953 to the present day, the Edmonton Alano Club continues to serve our members, our friends, and our guests, ensuring all are made welcome.

For those guests and members who choose to attend regular meetings as an integral part of their own personal recovery program, the Club provides a safe place that remains committed to the provision of well-furnished, warm, comfortable and accommodating rooms.  We also try to ensure anonymity at all 45+ weekly meetings.


Looking to the future, in order to see our membership numbers steadily increase, we need those who are continuing to serve and protect a secure sanctuary for ALL who come through our doors seeking recovery.  


The Alano Club Board is just such a protective measure.

This is a place wherein we all take pride in fostering our Founder's Creed:

                                                         "To plant a seed whose fruit they would not see... 
                                                               to make a place for others yet to be."


Our History


At the suggestion of interested members of AA, a meeting was called on Monday, August 10, 1953. About 30 persons were present and each AA Group in Edmonton had a representative in attendance.  It was interesting that Traditions 1, 2, 6, 7 and 12 were interpreted and used as a guide in setting up the Club.  A small organizational committee was chosen and they met on Wednesday, August 12th 1953 to plan the new project.

At the conclusion of that meeting, the highlights and requirements for the new Club would be:

  • To provide a place for regular meetings.

  • To be maintained at a high level as an inducement to progress for all members

  • To facilitate gatherings such as breakfasts and Saturday night parties, etc.

  • To offer social outlets for every individual.

Regulations regarding membership should take note that few alcoholics will ever subscribe to masses of regulations or rules.

Out of that meeting the following was concluded:

"It might be wiser to consider a temporary rental arrangement until we have proven our ability to accept the responsibility of properly establishing and managing a Club and after such is indicated, then go into the possibility of buying a permanent home."

After 68 years, this dream is still being realized.